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Website development for the company "Kronverk"

Kronverk has been operating in the market since 1999.

During the years of its development, the enterprise became the largest developer of Saratov and the region, erecting facilities in 5 districts of the city of Saratov and in the center of the city of Engels. Buy an apartment in the new building directly from the developer, you can simply leave a request on the website or by calling our sales department.

Home page

The page presents special offers of the company, it is possible to choose an apartment by parameters. Also derived popular Residential complexes and a list of the latest company news.

List page of Residential complexes

Catalog of under construction and finished objects indicating the minimum value of the apartment in the complex. It is possible to choose the LCD on the city map


General information on a particular house in a residential complex is presented, a list of all necessary documents is added.

On the interactive block with the render, you can select the desired block section, floor and see the apartment itself with a full description and cost. All actions take place without reloading the page and you can easily navigate through the floors and apartments in the current house.

Next is the construction progress gallery and interactive infrastructure, where you can show / hide the categories of objects located not far from the house.

Feedback from a company representative
Pleshkova Kristina
The company "Kronverk" strives to work only with professionals and to carefully choose partners in the field of marketing. JRabbit meets all requirements of the partner company. Fresh ideas, their prompt implementation - this is what distinguishes them from other companies on the market. We wish them further development and new interesting projects!
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