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Website development for the company "Pereselenie"

The task was to develop a convenient and understandable website with a choice of houses and apartments with layouts.

Homepage prototype

On the main, it was decided to make a filter for the selection of apartments with the main parameters, a list of popular complexes or houses and general information about the company.

Home Page Prototype
Prototype apartment selection
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Homepage Design
List of Residential Complexes

Listing complexes in three ways:

  • Choosing a home on the general render of the complex
  • Selecting a complex on the map
  • List of card complexes
Residential home page

The home page contains all the necessary information. As the address, date of delivery, and a list of documents, a map with the infrastructure and the progress of construction.

Two options have been developed for choosing apartments:

  • Tabular view - a list of apartments with basic parameters and a small image of the layout. The table is grouped according to the same layouts and number of rooms, which makes it easy to see all possible layouts in the house. If you click on a line, the whole list of apartments with floors and block sections opens, then the necessary option is selected and a detailed apartment card appears with the location of the apartment in the block section and on the floor plan.
  • Visual choice - here you can select the desired block section on the renderer, where the number of apartments for sale is shown, then there is a choice on the floor plan with the ability to select the floor or easily switch to another section. When you click on the desired apartment on the plan - a detailed apartment card appears with the ability to make an appointment.
    Choosing an apartment on the floor plan
    Table with a list of apartments
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